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Peter Piek - Tip Of Your Tongue (Official Music Video) 2022

Music Video | 3:25m | 2022

Struggling artist on a furious roadtrip through an abstract landscape in which a personified Death, a Pizzaboy, an art acedemy Professor and a gallery owner become travel companions. As Paintings, instruments and literally everything that was to find in Peters painting studio (where the video was shot) fly by, Peter reconnects with his own ability to paint. Travelers become friends. A new painting is born. The video shows that topping a Pizza and painting is one the same.

Tip Of Your Tongue written and produced by Peter Piek co-produced and mixed by Andreas Laudwein

Regie & Animation by: Marcus Grysczok

Yifan Su (Ms. Death, Animation)

Julian Niklas Heynert (Pizzaboy Luigi, Animation) Ari Fuchs (Prof Dr. Ariene Fuchsovski, Animation) Immanuel Bayer (Gallerist Steve L., Animation) Peter Piek (Peter Piek)

Nele Sternberg (Costumes, Animation)

Cocny (Animation)

Jovi Zhang (Animation)

Anton Fuchs (Animation)

Hagen Wolf (Animation)

Jacob Feustel (Animation)

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