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a mix of chaos and orga

Welcome to the creative world of Marcus Grysczok, an Erfurt-based freelance filmmaker and Animation Director currently pursuing a Master of Fine Arts (MFA) degree in Media Arts & Design at Bauhaus University Weimar.

Passionate about advancing the boundaries of visual storytelling, my academic journey is dedicated to the art of stop-motion animation.

In my professional experience, I served as a Stop Motion Animator at Claytraces Berlin, collaborating with renowned Director Izabela Plucinska on projects like "Esterhazy" and "Josette und ihr Papa." Meticulously breathing life into characters, I contributed to the visual richness and emotional depth of these films, aligning seamlessly with Plucinska's creative vision.

As a freelance filmmaker since 2010, I've successfully directed, shot, edited, art directed, and animated various projects, including music videos, documentaries, image films, and workshops. My multifaceted expertise spans the entire filmmaking process, ensuring each project attains a distinctive and captivating quality.

In 2017, I founded the Stop Motion Academy, an Artist Run Initiative & Workshop Festival offering training in Stop Motion Animation. Additionally, I served as a Tutor for Animation Courses at Bauhaus University Weimar, specializing in imparting foundational and advanced knowledge while fostering a rich learning environment.

My education includes a Diploma in Digital Film & Animation from SAE Institute Berlin, a TP2 Talentpool Fellowship, and a BFA in Media Arts & Design from Bauhaus University Weimar. I've also completed courses at Aardman Academy and participated in the StopMoLab/Momakin 9-month program.

My diverse skill set encompasses project management, creative problem-solving, and collaborative teamwork.


Proficient in all aspects of filmmaking, I excel in animation, storyboarding, editing, lighting, cinematography, budgeting, and set and puppet construction. My primary expertise lies in stop-motion animation, particularly claymation and puppet animation, and I embrace various techniques, including cut-out animation and experimental approaches.

My work has been recognized with awards such as the 2022 KIDS - The Prize of Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic for "Klimafakten" and the 2020 Animation Favorite Winner ESMoA for "Landkaufprojekt Amazonas" (educational project). I've participated in numerous festivals globally, including DOK Leipzig, Stop Trik, Animateka, and more, showcasing my films at over 50 international festivals and events.

Looking forward, my ambitions extend beyond personal artistic pursuits to assume the role of a lecturer, using my growing expertise to inspire the next generation within the dynamic realm of animation. Join me on this exciting journey where creativity knows no bounds!

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