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Shortfilm | 2:18m | 2021

The animation was produced as part of a university project in collaboration with a student from Hong Kong Baptist University. Its central theme revolved around resilience, with the animation being developed during the lockdown period. The project was rooted in an interview conducted by the Hong Kong student, which served as the foundation for the animation's narrative.

The question posed to me regarding my faith in God prompted me to open up and share something about myself that I wouldn't have otherwise disclosed. This personal revelation made the project particularly meaningful to me. Concurrently, alongside the university project, I enrolled in the Stop Motion 1 course at the Aardman Academy. This allowed me to delve into puppet animation, enriching my skill set and enabling me to integrate my newfound experiences into the animation's creation process.


Film by Marcus Grysczok  

Soundtrack by Dirk Markham

Interview by CHAN Lok-Yan, Janice

The title of the animation was inspired by the ongoing events in Myanmar. One day, while reading the news, I came across a report about a young woman who tragically lost her life during the demonstrations against the military. Emblazoned on her t-shirt were the words: "Everything will be okay." This poignant moment served as the catalyst for the animation's title. The animation itself explores a dynamic of power relations being exploited.

Ultimately, the animation delves into the sobering realization that it's not solely institutions that perpetrate harm or threaten democratic processes, but also individuals like you and me who wield power to their advantage. This realization ignited a sense of frustration within me while simultaneously providing the impetus for creating the animation during the lockdown period.

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