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AGE OF HOPE - Going Far For a Better Tomorrow

Shortdoc | 3:52m | 2016

Age of Hope A short film about my trip with «Age of Hope» (NGO) to the Hungarian city of Zakany in October 2015. "It's been a month since the border crossing to Serbia has been closed off. After this closure, thousands of refugees took the long way through Croatia, crossing then into Slovenia or Hungary in order to travel west. When they arrive at the Serbian border they take the train to Botovo: That's where their train journey ends. By foot, they pass through the last gap in the fence – but Hungary is not their destination, it's only a stopover. After a few kilometres on foot, they board yet another train in the Hungarian city of Zákány: the arduous journey continues towards Austria. In Zákány, the train stops for a few minutes. In this short time frame, volunteers hand food parcels through the train windows. That's where we're headed."


OFFICIAL SELECTION - International Festival of Red Cross and Health Films - 2017.png

Video by Marcus Grysczok

Text by Sara Bagladi

Music by Gats

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